Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wedding dinner is a very special day for my friend ,she get married.and today 25 March is her unforgettable night.wish she and her husband stay sweet forever and ever.
Congratulation to her ❤ Work hard for new LIFE yah..LOLs

She is the most beautiful ladies in the world of the day
awesome dinner night =)

Very first cooking day

Today is a lovely Wednesday,16 March,i still remember i argued with the hate one at 15 March night when we prepared to slept.said lot my heart feeling to him and can u actually felt it and changed for me? =( almost 2a.m ,we felt in slept.

In the early morning,awake because of the hate one's stupid alarm !

suddenly feel like wanna cooked owe self today,and seriously this is my 1st time COOKING!!! went to shopping center and buy the stuff.- vege,meat,chicken??

What should i cook??

Final decision 

I bought Tomato,Carrot, Potato,choy sam, yeo's kacang and some chicken.

My Works


this is my hubby's favorite Tomato nut with potato and chicken, although it got bit ugly but its taste good, the frailer point is potato too hard but its still can eat ok?


Vitamin ABC soup,owh,this is awesome.and i really proud of myself.clap clap,and my first time cooked SOUP.dont you believe that?


Choy sam with garlic ,very very successful. Taste so good =D 

Although all also look bit ugly la but taste really not bad lor.haha. And thanks god after we eat it,we still safe.dint lao sai, meant stomachache.haha.its is a very nice experienced and nice nice day.
p/s:my hubby very like it❤


Monday, March 21, 2011


过新年后到现在都没再更新过了 真的忙到有点透不过气
最近在烦恼一些东西 一直想要的梦想 终于有机会实现了
可是自己却没那想像中的自信 还怀疑自己 我真的做到吗?
那是我梦寐以求的 也当然希望可以实现 然后坚持下去
因为我知道 有前途的路都是不容易走的

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