Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year

恭喜恭喜恭喜你啊 兔年快乐
回了怡宝家乡大概5天 在家每天煲戏 一下可以看完两套戏
厉害 厉害
年初一 公公每年都会叫舞狮 它们在採青 
 接过青菜后 就好运跟着你 希望公公婆婆们
身体健康 长命百岁 天天都要是好天哦
的outfit 还可以吧 哈哈
美女表姐 =)

今年的新年时间很急迫 所以我讨厌的人也没下来找我了
年初3和表姐们下夜店 ipoh的夜店真的是╭(╯^╰)╮
看我这样的表情就懂 地方好热 好热 音乐的bass弄的人好辛苦
值得开心的是 和表姐们的 happy hoursss =)

祝 今年比去年好\(^o^)/~兔年 行大运 =)身体健康 万事如意 

Escape grand opening

Wow, finally new year is pass and im back here to update my lovely bloggie =)
this RABBIT new year is quit boring for me
 although everyday also got planning to go though
but i can meet up all my friendsss, familyyy ,cousin sister & brother
 not bad maaa..LOLs

okiee, back to topic, this event is drop on BEFORE new year


BLM club has been invite and guess what..its free flow tonight..wuhoo..*rugi*
but i dint drink much cos my silly boy was drunk gao gao and i drove him home..
gang =)
sign on the board
escape's boss =D and the gay...LOLs
silly boy
yi-peng, she is study abroad at Australia now
we gonna to miss her 3 years if not mistake
take care ya sweetiessss

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