Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our 5 year anniversary day 1

I have been forget i still have a blog here, this month is a busy month for me
finally finish my working at mid valley that being make up artist for elianto roadshow,guess what ? i have make up for 65 ppl in this month and i feel 
" wow,its is true? "
success feeling, and i have complete my mission, seriously i learn a lot...=D

all right, time to go in my real topic for this post
yeap..we have been together 5 years...its 5 years 
not too long but not so short too, time is passing so fast
and i realize we are getting old , and next year , im 20 years old
feel like wanna cry when " 2 " is in-front of my age

we plan to go some place that we can celebrate together without any bulb..LOLs
27th early morning my hate one still have to go for work,after he done all the thing,im just wake up and pack up my stuff , and i forget to bring alot thing ... ==''
need he wait me for 1 more hours to pack up my stuff

and 3pm sumthing we start our journey =)

 he is still wearing his working's shirt and i keep ask him
" why you dint changed your clothes ?"
feel like follow he go for work more that we go travel
i hate you ALFRED WEE
but at last he changed his clothes at his car =D
this is our 1st station, although i always come to here
everything here is the same,but i wont feel boring
and we jalan jalan cari makan =D
 so much things is attract me but at last controlling myself for not buying all of that
*clap clap* for myself =)
prefer to eat more good things there
can you see us ? 
yum yum , the mango cendol
if not mistake its called " nyonya laksa"

after that we going to find hotel, after get it
we start prepare for our night dinner =)

environment here full of Christmas decoration although it pass
soh romantic =)

 this restaurant not only have steak
Japanese sushi and Japanese set dinner
you can eat at here too =)

delicious dinner with the hate one =)
i like their uniform =)
soh colorful....
me =)
and you =)

happy 5 years anniversary Alfred wee =)

this 5 years is not easy to pass and we go tough lot things
happy and sadness, i dunno why i can forgive you so many times although i know so much thing that hurt me lot, i know you like to play , but something you cant effort to play it cos u need to pay responsibility on it, i hope this is really the last time u did all this thing to me..and i try my best to believe you again, what you said i wish its still got value to me...=) 
as what have said with you before 
if you love her, please appreciated her,and dont let her be the second me =)
i know all this is sad thing and not should be writing on here
A pair of couple all must have their own problem
and if you be patient, listen, solve
then the problem is not the problem anymore =)right ? i know im stupid and let you all worry, so sorry all of my lovely friend. you all is the best!!love you all forever

at night, he bring me to the Portuguese village

Portuguese village is one of the place full of Christmas feel 
all their house decorate with the light, Christmas tree, Santa Claus, Jesus
and i heard my hate one's grandmother said ,they got competition here
and one of the house use ald RM10,000.00 to decorate their house
wow...a very big amount, and here is the most famous place to Malacca ppl celebrate their chirstmas here i think =) 

still have lot...but lazy to share out =D

last but not least, ending with the drinking beer season at geographic placed at jonker walk,i like the environment here, the music, the people =) chit chat lot and i feel so happy at that moment cos i got you alfred wee, i wish i wish, we can go for this long long journey together =)

alcoholic is he not me =D
i like the way drink alcohol with the soft music 
im such a romantic person =D 

next post continue with DAY 2 ❤

Thursday, December 09, 2010

11月28日记 the met saloon

啊 本妞病了啦 现在在家休息没去工作 =D
这个十二月份接到化妆师的JOB 因为配合圣诞节 所以要呆在那event 1个月
平时都是两三天 现在是一个月 我的天啊 真的很难挨
而且都化不一样的顾客 头头还真不惯 可是真的可以学到东西 
那么难挨却想起我下个月可以疯狂购物 不错嘛 哈哈 
最近的心情没以前那么糟透了 可能看开了点 习惯了点 

话说回来 现在要记录下东西 ❤
那天被邀请到去park loyal的The met saloon当化妆师
也是我第一次 自己出job 超级兴奋咯我
我们的必备用品 make up brush
我和我的爱人 ❤
之后 就被带到park loyal hotel开始我们的工作了
有18个模特儿 3个化妆师 而且原来我化妆的速度还真快
我化了7个人耶 我真的体会到 那种辛苦 虽然很累可是我还是很兴奋
由于时间的关系 我也没拍到 我的作品 真的有点浪费掉
我和vivian的作品 真的有够乱 可是我喜欢 哈哈
懂这里是哪里吗 金和的monorail
Park royal的游水池
最特别的头发 很复古 真真第一次看
化妆师合照 哈哈
走show时 有简单的小食供应给客人们
好充实的一天 ❤
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