Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our 5 year anniversary day 1

I have been forget i still have a blog here, this month is a busy month for me
finally finish my working at mid valley that being make up artist for elianto roadshow,guess what ? i have make up for 65 ppl in this month and i feel 
" wow,its is true? "
success feeling, and i have complete my mission, seriously i learn a lot...=D

all right, time to go in my real topic for this post
yeap..we have been together 5 years...its 5 years 
not too long but not so short too, time is passing so fast
and i realize we are getting old , and next year , im 20 years old
feel like wanna cry when " 2 " is in-front of my age

we plan to go some place that we can celebrate together without any bulb..LOLs
27th early morning my hate one still have to go for work,after he done all the thing,im just wake up and pack up my stuff , and i forget to bring alot thing ... ==''
need he wait me for 1 more hours to pack up my stuff

and 3pm sumthing we start our journey =)

 he is still wearing his working's shirt and i keep ask him
" why you dint changed your clothes ?"
feel like follow he go for work more that we go travel
i hate you ALFRED WEE
but at last he changed his clothes at his car =D
this is our 1st station, although i always come to here
everything here is the same,but i wont feel boring
and we jalan jalan cari makan =D
 so much things is attract me but at last controlling myself for not buying all of that
*clap clap* for myself =)
prefer to eat more good things there
can you see us ? 
yum yum , the mango cendol
if not mistake its called " nyonya laksa"

after that we going to find hotel, after get it
we start prepare for our night dinner =)

environment here full of Christmas decoration although it pass
soh romantic =)

 this restaurant not only have steak
Japanese sushi and Japanese set dinner
you can eat at here too =)

delicious dinner with the hate one =)
i like their uniform =)
soh colorful....
me =)
and you =)

happy 5 years anniversary Alfred wee =)

this 5 years is not easy to pass and we go tough lot things
happy and sadness, i dunno why i can forgive you so many times although i know so much thing that hurt me lot, i know you like to play , but something you cant effort to play it cos u need to pay responsibility on it, i hope this is really the last time u did all this thing to me..and i try my best to believe you again, what you said i wish its still got value to me...=) 
as what have said with you before 
if you love her, please appreciated her,and dont let her be the second me =)
i know all this is sad thing and not should be writing on here
A pair of couple all must have their own problem
and if you be patient, listen, solve
then the problem is not the problem anymore =)right ? i know im stupid and let you all worry, so sorry all of my lovely friend. you all is the best!!love you all forever

at night, he bring me to the Portuguese village

Portuguese village is one of the place full of Christmas feel 
all their house decorate with the light, Christmas tree, Santa Claus, Jesus
and i heard my hate one's grandmother said ,they got competition here
and one of the house use ald RM10,000.00 to decorate their house
wow...a very big amount, and here is the most famous place to Malacca ppl celebrate their chirstmas here i think =) 

still have lot...but lazy to share out =D

last but not least, ending with the drinking beer season at geographic placed at jonker walk,i like the environment here, the music, the people =) chit chat lot and i feel so happy at that moment cos i got you alfred wee, i wish i wish, we can go for this long long journey together =)

alcoholic is he not me =D
i like the way drink alcohol with the soft music 
im such a romantic person =D 

next post continue with DAY 2 ❤

Thursday, December 09, 2010

11月28日记 the met saloon

啊 本妞病了啦 现在在家休息没去工作 =D
这个十二月份接到化妆师的JOB 因为配合圣诞节 所以要呆在那event 1个月
平时都是两三天 现在是一个月 我的天啊 真的很难挨
而且都化不一样的顾客 头头还真不惯 可是真的可以学到东西 
那么难挨却想起我下个月可以疯狂购物 不错嘛 哈哈 
最近的心情没以前那么糟透了 可能看开了点 习惯了点 

话说回来 现在要记录下东西 ❤
那天被邀请到去park loyal的The met saloon当化妆师
也是我第一次 自己出job 超级兴奋咯我
我们的必备用品 make up brush
我和我的爱人 ❤
之后 就被带到park loyal hotel开始我们的工作了
有18个模特儿 3个化妆师 而且原来我化妆的速度还真快
我化了7个人耶 我真的体会到 那种辛苦 虽然很累可是我还是很兴奋
由于时间的关系 我也没拍到 我的作品 真的有点浪费掉
我和vivian的作品 真的有够乱 可是我喜欢 哈哈
懂这里是哪里吗 金和的monorail
Park royal的游水池
最特别的头发 很复古 真真第一次看
化妆师合照 哈哈
走show时 有简单的小食供应给客人们
好充实的一天 ❤

Monday, November 29, 2010


最近的心情糟透了 我需要时间的慢慢克服它
也许是自己多心想多了 可是这感觉真的会令人好不舒服
那天我第一次醉了 在夜店里 无端端的自己在那里哭
那是我忍耐已久的压力 我记得 我哭了很久 他在让我靠着
只听见“宝贝,enough already”我说了很多很多东西 
我忘记了自己说了什么 可是不知道你记得吗 

朋友看见我这样都会为我心痛 我不知道这值得还是不值得
因为我守护了它很多年 我一直坚信他会有改变的一天
可是这渴望 慢慢的在我脑海里消失了 原来我可以那么的坚持在一样东西
如果 我把这坚持放在对我有利益的东西 不是更值得吗

自己的路和命运是掌握在自己的手中的 对么 我真的不相信我克服不到你

希望我们会像这件衣一样 有个鲜明和光芒的未来=)

G6 sexy babe被落选了 很好的一个经验 和谢谢那天投票我的人=]

是时候 做出一些决心的事情了 ❤

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

My house mate

习惯真的会成自然 每次都不会怎么注意他们的存在
当我看着这张照片时 原来每一个【它】都有代表着不同故事的纪念

我最爱抱的是那只【粉色】的“酒瓶”叫 小米米
还有只青色的 叫 青比比 本来啊 是一对的呢 
可是被某些人拿过 已经被我打进冷宫了
我不知道这是幼稚行为 还是让自己的心 过得舒服点 
它是怎么来的呢 我和老公去sunway逛街时 看到很可爱 
他问喜欢吗 我点了个头 他就拿去付钱了

第二只加入这个家庭是红色的bear bear
那是我和他第一次坐飞机去pulau perhentian时买的

那是我们第一次一起去金马伦买的 她的鼻子很可爱的 圆圆

第四只是那只蓝色的bear bear
你们想也想不到 这是老公的爸爸送我的 =D

第五只是这个 Halloween 的 Pumpkin
第一次 一起庆祝 Halloween 留下的纪念 

说真的 我很爱他很突然的问我 “你要不要这个 老公买给你要不要”
他的语气 我不懂怎样表达 =D 有种被疼被宠的感觉 
我也很爱听他这么的对我温柔细语 以上的来源都是他这么样问我的
我绝对没有强迫性的要他买给我的哦 嘻嘻

话说我生平第一个老公送的娃娃是 【猪】
那时我们是以 【猪老公,猪老婆】的称呼大家的
有了它 我们便改去【猪爹地,猪妈咪】这也是我的生日礼物呢
而且我还记得我们给了她一个名字 叫“雪琴”
很好笑吧 因为我爱下雪 也爱钢琴 所以把它连起来 =D
可是他不能在陪在我身边陪我了 他一天比一天脏 
妈看见那么脏 把它丢了 =.=''因为自己皮肤不好 所以~~

我好喜欢 我们去到哪里 都会买一样东西来作为纪念 ❤

Remember when

Remember when I was young and so were you
and time stood still and love was all we knew
You were the first, so was I
We made love and then you cried
Remember when

Remember when we vowed the vows
and walked the walk
Gave our hearts, made the start, it was hard
We lived and learned, life threw curves
There was joy, there was hurt
Remember when

Remember when old ones died and new were born
And life was changed, disassembled, rearranged
We came together, fell apart
And broke each other's hearts
Remember when

Remember when the sound of little feet
was the music
We danced to week to week
Brought back the love, we found trust
Vowed we'd never give it up
Remember when

Remember when thirty seemed so old
Now lookn' back it's just a steppin' stone
To where we are,
Where we've been
Said we'd do it all again
Remember when
Remember when we said when we turned gray
When the children grow up and move away
We won't be sad, we'll be glad
For all the life we've had
And we'll remember when

感觉很舒服啊现在 终于找到这首歌的来源了
真的超级喜欢这首歌 =) 要谢谢Kelvin先生

我又想通啦 为什么要那么在意呢 我真的太过在意了
再这样固执下去 伤心的是自己 你不懂得怎样好好珍惜没关系
至少 自己要懂得爱自己和珍惜自己 对么 =)

希望我自己会像这首歌一样 得到一个属于我永远的幸福 ❤
陪我度过 “生老病死” 

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Segi Halloween autoshow

今天七早八早就爬起来了 因为我要去买服装和饰品
这次是由我负责show girl的东西 所以我叫了Vivian来帮忙
到times square买了天使和恶魔的 服饰 饰品 超级快速的

Trick o' street

vivian来到就飞去厕所换装 热到beh tahan啊
而且这个event是在parking场 真的很够热

车都布置的有模有样 哈哈 给我的感觉像在地狱
我这个小天使不知死活啊 敢下地狱游玩 哈哈

看 被恶魔夹持着啦 O(∩_∩)O 哈
在那边遇见紫雯美女  真的好久不见了
然后我们就到处游荡 走来走去 给人拍拍照 很好玩

king dim 数 放我走了 哈哈

谢谢这位摄影师 帮我们拍那么多照片

之后呢 选best car club model
Vivian和我说了我忘不了的话:“ 哇,有明星的感觉啊”
 哈哈 很可爱咯她 因为前面太多摄影师了 灯一面眨 我都不懂要看哪里
之后 落选了啦 心里早有数 太多美女了 也恭喜紫雯拿第二名 =)

可是好消息是我们的car club满载而归 哈哈
Group Picture =) 

老大和我们俩 【天使与恶魔】
我的小傻瓜 哈哈
地狱的朋友 哈哈
你们看我的傻瓜在干吗 哈哈 扮goofy 笨笨的
我和这个傻瓜都很喜欢这张照片 那边有做Polaroid Camera的promotion
去免费的拍了几张 很好的纪念啊 
这次的halloween终于可以和你过了 让我的恐惧顿时消失❤
相机很神奇 它可以迅速的把在发生的变成永恒的回忆 =)

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